Inherited rotation of sub actors

Hi there,

I got a small problem with the rotation of my weapons.
As you can see at the blueprint I try to align my weapons through my mouse position.
My wepaons are splited in 2 parts, weapon base (BP_Weapon1) and the weapon itself(BP_Gathling)

The weapon base has this blueprint you see, the base is mounted on each side of the mech.
The body of the mech is able to rotate 45° to each side.
The weaponbase should just follow the mech body, the only addition is that the weapon base should aim to the mouse cursor pitch.

My problem is now that the weapon base don´t follow the mech body when I don´t connect point 2 with point 3.
If I connect point 2 and 3 the base follows the cursor but more than 45°.

Now I thought I use the plattformBase (top hirachy of the weapon base) to get its YAW but if I connect point 1 with point 3 the weapon base stands still.
If I deactivate the BP the weapon base follows the body but I can´t aim to cursor pitch.

I tried many possibilities but none worked fine. I can´t use the player controller cause this mech can also be an enemy.
I tried world rotation instead of socket rotation but this failed either.

My last try was to get the base rotation by using getattached parent function, it worked but the aiming has a delay.

I don´t know how I could fix this rotate problem, I really hope someone out there could help me out.

best wishes

Found the problem.
The interp speed was just to low and caused the delay.
Didn´t know why the rotation wasn´t inherited but well … at this point it works, perhaps I will find the other answer later on.