Inheritance Child Effecting all Children

This is my first time using the forums and I am very new to all of this so bare with me :slight_smile:

I did search around before creating a new topic but I didn’t find anything addressing my issue!

I created a blueprint called “Entity” which will be the codes for any character in the game. They can move, attack, give and take damage, etc.

I have 3 created 3 children of that blueprint: Player, Ally & Enemy

Here is the summary of my issue:

I have the animation play when an Entities “Jumping” bool is set to true (same for “Shoot”). When the Player jumps ALL Entity(s) run the jump animation

The player walks independently but anything relating to a boolean is effecting ALL children of Entity… I am certain I’m not understanding something very simple, but I’m also certain someone out there might have a solution!

Thank you in advance and here are some images to help :slight_smile:

As I finished this I realized this might actually be on the animation side… Idk I’m clueless haha