Inherit Struct From FDamageEvent

Hi all,

I’m currently implementing UE’s DamageSystem into my c++ WeaponSystem.
Weapons in my game have different armor penetration values.
I want to pass on the armor pen value when a weapon hits an Actor, using UE’s TakeDamage function.
For this, I need a custom FDamageEvent, so I want to inherit from FDamageEvent and create my own. When I define a new struct above my weaponclass in the weaponclass.h file I get the error:

missing 'public' in struct inheritance.


Where and how do I declare my own DamageEvents inherited from FDamageEvent?

Thank you in advance.

The message says it all; you need to change the line from

struct FPenDamageEvent : FDamageEvent
struct FPenDamageEvent : public FDamageEvent

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Thank you!

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