Inherit from UInstancedStaticMeshComponent, extern symbol error


I made a class inheriting from UInstancedStaticMeshComponent and inserted this function, which I mainly copied from InstancedStaticMesh.cpp:

bool UExtInstancedStaticMeshComponent::RemoveInstances(TArray<int32>& InstanceIndizes)

// Force recreation of the render data
return true;

But it’s giving me the linker error

ExtInstancedStaticMeshComponent.cpp.obj : error LNK2019: Verweis auf nicht aufgel�stes externes Symbol ""public: void __cdecl FInstanceUpdateCmdBuffer::Edit(void)" (?Edit@FInstanceUpdateCmdBuffer@@QEAAXXZ)" in Funktion ""public: bool __cdecl UExtInstancedStaticMeshComponent::RemoveInstances(class TArray<int,class TSizedDefaultAllocator<32> > &)" 

What did I make wrong?

Thank you,


Are you using the Engine module in your .uproject under AdditionalDependencies?…fer/index.html

I’m using UISMC…


Yes, this doesn’t help.

I´m having the same issue right now, don´t know whats wrong with it.

Extended from the HISM and cant use the variable “InstanceUpdateCmdBuffer” in any fashion,

Error LNK2019 : Verweis auf nicht aufgel�stes externes Symbol ""public: void __cdecl FInstanceUpdateCmdBuffer::UpdateInstance(int,struct FMatrix const &)" (?UpdateInstance@FInstanceUpdateCmdBuffer@@QEAAXHAEBUFMatrix@@@Z)" in Funktion ""public: virtual bool __cdecl UEnhancedHISMComponent::UpdateInstanceTransform(int,struct FTransform const &,bool,bool,bool)" (?UpdateInstanceTransform@UEnhancedHISMComponent@@UEAA_NHAEBUFTransform@@_N11@Z)".