Inherit Actor entirely in code, without UEditor help

Hello. When I choose Add Code to Project unreal tools create skeleton files for me, including *.h, *.cpp with necessary includes, generated files etc. Now I want to extend DestructibleActor and it’s not presented in classes list in editor. So, basically a question is where to get this *.generated.h header? Is it necessary?

I know there is a ‘DestructibleComponent’ in the list of classes when you add code to the project. Also, make sure when you click the Add Code to Project, that you tick the ‘Show All Classes’ in the top right of the pop-up window.

*.generated.h is created when you are building the project, it is not created by the editor when you use “Add Code”. So you can add new classes directly in VS, just pay attention that you place .cpp and .h files in the same folder with others (VS’s default destination for new files will be different) and that you follow the pattern for declaring/defining UObject classes - namely, that you have the *.generated.h include, that you use ULCASS macro and so on…

Thank you, it works!