Ingame Store help

Hey folks,

I need your help you big group of smarties.
I have an in game store, which is operated via in game currency, however, using it, the currency decreases perfectly fine.
However, trying to attach an item to the character to signify you’ve bought something.
The spawning and attaching works, however, after i click it, then play the game, the Begin Play node breaks it, other than that, it debugs perfectly. everything fires.

any help?

TLDR - how do i make the in game store items i buy, attach to the character and remain there when i play again?

If you have physics enabled on the objects, they need to be welded together otherwise they will fall apart when simulating physics.

Dont understand what do u mean, but to save variables, u only have to use Save and Load functions, and on beginplay make a function to attach the items u have after loading em, for example, if u have a chest cloth as item to equip, u can use Chest variable to save the actor and later load it, and on beginplay u attach that item, and as it is an actor variable, u can link it with all items (but u cant take their variables of their blueprints directly, u have to get class.

Gl hf with ur system, guy :smiley: