Ingame "compass"

Hi Guys,
i am trying to create an ingame “compass”-like help that let me guide the player to different targets i can set. (just like the game crazy taxi (

i already tried to modify the commentbox from the blueprint example content (because it faces already a set position etc) but it didn´t work :frowning:

The Test-Mesh i used flows fixed (in the world) in front of the player-camera and not facing the target i entered (position would be ok, just changing a target mesh would be the best solution)

Maybe someone can help me, that would be awesome :smiley:

Look into Find Look at Rotation node.

You can create an empty actor BP with only a scene component in it, then place it at the location you want the compass to point at. And then Get All Actors of Class > For Each Loop > Cast to your north pole BP. Now you can get the location of that BP and use it as Target.

thanks for the reply jacky^^
now i have to replace the “get player pawn” node with the mesh or position on which i want the hole thing to point… any ideas? :frowning:

Hey tuneful-

explanation of casting to a BP placed at the target location and using the “Find Look at Rotation” node is definitely the way to go. After casting to the “target” BP I was able to set a reference to that cast to get the location of the actor. Then with the Find Look at Rotation node, using the location of the arrow as the start and the actor’s location as the target, set the rotation of the arrow to the return value of the Look at Rotation node. You can use a Tick event to update the arrow’s rotation so that it will always point to the target location.