Ingame clock is not working

On my custom map Terra Nova the clock (when you press H) is not working its always on 00:00 and i cant seem to figure out why

Ontop of that the dilo’s when they spit on you the player gets slowed but not blurred vision, I have not altered dino’s at all or anything else gamewise for that matter

At the very least, the time is likely to do with level blueprint components and matinee missing from the level. You can open up TheSmallIsland and grab all those things from its level blueprint and its scene outliner. Specifically, time is controlled by Matinee_DayTime. I know for a fact that the underwater particles are controlled by the level blueprint and I am sure there is something similar for dilos.

Strange I do have the Daytime, and the level bp is exactly like the small island

Did you check you have all the same matinee actors in your level like there are in SmallIsland’s scene outliner?

Just double checked and i do have the exact same Matinee’s and setup as the small map, so its kinda weird that it is not working

I managed to fix it, please close this thread :slight_smile: