ingame camera quality (sidescroller default project)

hi all ,

over the last few weeks ive been practising making some realistic cameras and ingame far ive been stunned how impressive the unreal engine is and the results its capable off. matinee,elemental,kite demos etc.ive got to the point where I am pleased with what iam making so thought I would add some gameplay like a playable character, as a quick test I added some fuse custom character models and used simple setups, all went well.

last night I thought I would use the sidescroller template to quickly try it as a game idea… I was shocked that the graphics seemed to default to a much lower quality. at first I assumed must be the post processing or something silly like that. but even when I checked was all same post process and world settings and camera options in details, it still seemed lower quality… something that confused me after spending last few nights tweaking lighting and materials to get them to a very very high level of was as tho it was running a diff shader model or low graphics setting.

lucky I had made a blueprint of a camera with post process settings,field of view, etc I deleted the camera in the sidescroller template character and added a new one, soon as I did this it looked great again, with or without my added post processing. so it really did seem like the default camera in the template is restricted in someway ,maybe its parent class. to test it I did a few times changing cameras from mine to the template and saw a noticeable difference.

I might be wrong and was just my mind playing tricks.anyone else expiernced anything similar?