Ingame Actor Creator?

Hey UE community I have a question for all of you cause I’m kind of a noob but not really/sort of :slight_smile:

My plan is to create an open world sandbox space game where players can build their own ship minecraft-style then fly it off into space to fight other players, explore planets, and really do anything they want to do. Kind of like this:

My problem is this:
I need to make this hypothetical block-style space ship editor, but I have no idea how to go about it. Something modular like minecraft but more like the Sims house editor. Any ideas? I would like to keep this to blueprints if I could.

You see your problem is quite complex one. You basically ask here how do i make game.

I would do such spaceships as skeletal meshes, so they can have animations and FX effects/ sounds events embedded in animations, this way you will not bother with blinking lights, or weapon shooting effects. etc. As base i would pick empty skeletal mesh that has only skeleton with sockets to mount real pieces of spaceship. Something like is used for modular characters or modular weapons (google those you may get some hits). Then I would pack everything into single mesh that swaps those pieces around.

Easier version of above would be using static meshes instead of skeletal ones, and directly spawning component meshes in blueprint.

And that is exactly problem here, you have no idea how to do those tasks i described above. So you should start with basic tutorials, there are no shortcuts.
Go trough basic tutorials that Epic made, then come back with questions.

There is a hell of a lot of stuff in there to figure out. Break down your problem into multiple smaller pieces and do searches for tutorials on each of those individual functions.

Lots of helpful people around on here but nobody is going to give you a step by step on how to build your entire game from scratch

Thank you all very much for your advice I will take it into consideration.