Infraworks to Unreal 4? Good workflow or tutorials?

Hi there! I was wondering if there is any good workflow explained about this?

We often have residential areas that we have created with Civil 3d (Road, pipes and terrain). We also get models from Revit, ARchicad and so on.

We then make a model with all this in InfraWorks.

Now we are looking into a good workflow to create a real time render experience, that we can show to our clients.

Infraworks exports to FBX, then I can import it to 3ds max and use Datasmith? Then it should straight forward starting with the materials, vegetation and etc?
Will Unreal handle large landscapes from IW -> Max then Unreal?

Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction:)

I just installed UE4, so I need to start looking into basic stuff first.


Yes this workflow will work.

Infraworks -> 3dsmax -> Datasmith -> Unreal.

You could try TwinMotion as well. This is a simple import from Infraworks.


Using this workflow, is there a way to align the IFW model and the Context data from within Twinmotion?