Information needed regarding Epic Mega Grants


We are working on the project. Since we are financing ourselves for the project, also the scope of the project turned out to be quite large, we are planning to put our project on Epic Mega Grant funding. But the problem is we don’t have any in-house characters for our project. We used assets from Mixamo for AI references. Therefore can we use those assets while applying for funding? Does is it have negative impact on our project reviewing? Or do we have to use in-house assets while applying?

Thank you.

Hi, I think you can apply with placeholders but of course, it would be better if your own characters.
I also linked you the FAQ page below. Check “Who and what are we looking for?” working prototype I think when you mention that the characters are placeholders and they really like your project why should they reject it.
The fund is to create something awesome (unreal) with UE4 so give it a try and apply when you’re ready. :slight_smile: GL

Epic Mega Grants
FAQ Epic Mega Grants

Than you. It helps a lot. We’ll think on that.