Information about the smallest possible game package for a Windows build using Unreal Engine 4

Hi all.

I’m pretty new to Unreal Engine but I am an experienced programmer and I fully understand this engine is AAA and I’m aiming to use it for what it is designed.

Anyways, I was wondering about the possibility of creating a very simple console application with it too (using only text, checkboxes, menus and some images for example) just to take advantage of the engines multiplatform deployment ease and save time using another tools.

After some time trying to shrink the package for Windows I haven’t been able to reduce it below 90 megabytes so I’ve decided to simply ask the community about how small an Unreal Engine package for Windows 64 can be.

So that’s the question, how small can a windows package be?

If it can go below 20 MB or so, is there any known comprehensive guide for it?

Thanks all in advance!

There is option what allow engine to NOT include engine assets in packaged game.
But if you use any engine asset in your blueprint and chose to not include engine assets your packaged game will crash.

Well, I want the engine to be included in the package. That’s kinda my question, which is the minimal achievable size for a working engine?

Well do you want to build from the precompiled or are you willing to build from source? I’m not sure how small you can get with precompiled but if you’re willing to build from source there have historically been some discussions about how to slim it down. This was primarily for people trying to look to do mobile development. I’d look for people discussing smaller files for mobile ue4.

I believe you can get a blank project right down to about 30MB. During the Epic Megajam we produced a game that was well under 100MB.

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I’ll run some tests first. In the end i’ll be building from source. Anyways i’ve been digging a bit about what is in the final package and tomorrow maybe i’ll post some specific questions because big part of the package are the prerequired installers for windows and other part is content that i beleive can be partially avoided. Also some functionalities of the engine that you know you won’t be using for a simple project i guess they can be excluded from the source when compiling somehow.

I went under 60 today after compressing for a nonblank one and i know i can still delete some specific things. Tomorrow I’ll take a longer look.