Information about royalty

This is what I read in the FAQ:
[European friends, we’re sorry this isn’t more obvious through the website!…]
What does it mean? :confused:

Sorry but i don’t get what you mean! Do you mean Payment instead of Royalty’s? Because the Sentence you posted is in the Section about Payment Options. Also it is perfectly clear what it means to me.

This is the full paragraph :slight_smile:
How much do I have to pay for Unreal Engine 4?
UE4 is available for $19 per user per month, with a 5% royalty on gross revenue after the first $3,000 per game per calendar quarter from commercial products.

Developers in Europe pay €19 per user per month, including VAT, and the 5% royalty applies here as well.

European friends, we’re sorry this isn’t more obvious through the website! We were not set up for dual currency payment until very close to launch. This will be a smoother experience soon.

I know. What Exactly in this section isn’t clear to you? It would really help a lot giving you an Hand with your Question :wink:

Epic has written that European people cannot pay royalties online. So, how do I pay 5%? Do I need to go to my bank and transfer money to Epic? :confused:

Sabino, I don’t want to sound offensive, but you’re SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO confusing :smiley:
This line is about different price for EU(€19) and US($19) users. At the launch price for EU was shown in USD equivalent of €19 and people were confused - why price is different for them.

Ah i got it. Well best think is to have a look there’s a lot of Information about Deployment and Royalty payment. Epic also provides an email contact if you need more Info’s or if you have more any Questions about how it works.

Ooh, now I understand. Sorry for misunderstanding. Thank you :slight_smile:

you’re welcome :wink: