Info The following redirectors could not be completely fixed up

I am trying to move BP assets from folder A sub folder A into Folder B subfolder B.

moving the assets was fine how ever now i want to get rid of folder A but the re-directors still reside in this folder hence the fix up command.

Warning /Game/Blueprints/…/…/…/…/…/… - Redirector is referenced by an unloaded map. Package: /Game/Levels/…/…/…/…/…

also comes up which is preventing me from fixing any suggestions?

When moving deleting renaming assets when is best to perform this command.

Repro Steps

Make new Folder Structure
Select assets to be moved
Drag and drop assets into the new folder structure. using the Move here function.
Submit new files to source control
Return to old Folder structure
select Folder right click select Fix up Redirectors

Any info would be greatly appreciated. Current documentation on the subject does not cover what im looking

EDIT: Right clicking on Redirector assets results in a Failed to load assets message.

Hi Tone,

To delete the redirectors, you will have to remove them manually through Windows Explorer. If you go to \Unreal Projects\PROJECTNAME\content\ And then find the individual folders where your redirectors are located, you should be able to find the 1kb files and remove them.

Well, I would recommend to be careful though and not delete them permanently, as you never know if something was still using the redirector.

I did do deleted the GameInstance redirector and now if I want to change the Game Instance Class in the project settings, the engine crashes with no report.

Actually the best way to remove the redirectors is to:

  1. first open the map that says it needs to be loaded

  2. Once open, Hit Save on the map

  3. Right click on the content folders and then again “Fix up redirectors”

Try that out, it should be the cleanest and reliable way not to break references. Hope that helps =)

Once you get the hang of it, you need to move Files/Folders, Fix up Redirectors, Open any maps up that it reports, Once Opened hit Save on the map, then do another Fix up Redirectors… rinse repeat until everything is cleaned. You won’t lose your references ever that way

Yeah, also I noticed that sometimes it will be grumpy about fixing up redirectors, but closing the window and doing it a second time will work like a charm.

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