Info request about a couple things

I was wondering if there was any more information regarding two things:

  • More official tutorials from the devs.

  • The wiki/documentation that the devs use.

I was just wondering if there was a timeline for when these will be available. I realize that the first two videos have been released (which were incredibly helpful), just wondering when there will be more. As for the devs’ wiki/documentation, I have searched thread after thread for where this was stated and couldn’t find it. I was curious if there has been any progress on releasing this for us to use any time soon. Hopefully I’m not the only one that has seen this.

I can only read so many threads in a given day so it’s entirely possible I missed something. If that’s the case, someone please let me know.


They are working on updates for the game and are probably busy just be patient and the best way to learn is to read and just mess around, just have fun, if you have fun modding and make it a fun experience you can learn better

I am being patient. Still curious though. I understand they are updating the game and are probably on a time crunch with Survival of the Fittest dropping shortly. But just because they are busy, doesn’t mean I can’t ask a question. This wasn’t just to the devs. I was checking to see if anyone else in this forum has read anything else about it. Specifically with their wiki that they use, they said the editor handles some things differently than the typical UE. Just curious what is handled differently that is all. Oh, and I’m having a blast modding (Or reading documentation :D).

Pretty sure at this point they are putting it more on the modding community to share the information with the group. I’m sure they’ll explain any new changes but otherwise I don’t really expect in depth tutorials from them until they don’t have anything else to work on. They still stop by and read posts though and respond if no one knows the answer.

Yep we try to keep up with you guys and help out how we can. Modders are awesome! Only so many of us and limited hours in a day sadly. The modding community has been doing a pretty good job of sharing the information. Always nice to see people helping each other out and coming up with some cool stuff.

I personally don’t know of any new tutorial videos scheduled to be released in the short term. I will admit I’m more worried about improving core game and Dev Kit itself to make things better for you guys currently. With that said it would be nice to see more tutorials and helpful wiki/documentation.