Hey guys
I`m looking for some info on USTRUCT i cant fine much documentation on them apart from Ramas wiki, i had assumed that they were the same as Structure blueprints in the engine but in Ramas Overview of USTRUCT he is creating functions inside the USTRUCT. i also didnt understand does a USTRUCT belong to a class in its .h file or does the USTRUCT have its own .cpp/.h.

Sorry that I`m not very specific with what im asking im just looking for a point in the right direction.
Thanks guys :slight_smile:

USTRUCTS can contain function, like a class, but they are defaulted to public. You can define a UStruct in the header file of your class you are trying to create.

inside your .h file, above your UCLASS() definition and below your #include

struct FMyStruct // Nmae with prefix "F"
    GENERATED_BODY() // must always be here first

    UPROPERTY(BlueprintReadWrite, EditAnywhere, Category = "Basic") // storing a variable, with specifiers and a category
    FString MyProperty = "Hello, World!";

}; // always have semicolon at end of struct definition

Hope this helps!!