Info on the "Convert project" when opening

When you open a unreal project it display a windows about open a copy of the old project… but it doesnt say which version this previous engine is. It would be nice if it show which was the original project.

As a nice thing it would be nice if

  • it would be nice if display links of changes from that version to the current version, so if you are opening a old project you know which functions have been deprecated, how subobjects changed from old to 4.8 and so on (upgrade guides).
  • not needed much but thinking about space: the possibility not to open a copy but update in place.

This is possible. In Convert Project dialog, click More Options… and then select Convert in-place.



Oh, nice, still, I think “more options” means more clicks, in fact it always should be the later (well just my opinion) and maybe the labels could be open updated copy, update in place, skip update, cancel.

And at the end convesion and update imply that it will in some way take care of things I probably need to update by hand… so nor conversion nor update imply that it will only update the project to be open in a newer version.

Still the number of the “previous engine version” is not show, in my case I have 3 different engine versions and none of them open it so… if I keep adding versions each one of 15 GB only to open cleanly that project… ;).