Info on female character modelling.

Am planning to create a female character skeleton mesh using 3ds MAX, but when i will import the character to UE4, how to make it become playable that is : when clicking on the button Play ??

And is it better to create your own skeleton mesh or download via the internet ??

You have to add it to your character bp (when you use the 3rd person template)-> I will post a tutorial when I have access to youtube :slight_smile:

I personally think that it’s better when you use your own rigg/skeletal mesh, because then it will be something unique and it will also be easier to modify it

can’t understant bp ?? sorry am new
And designing polygon vertices(using 3ds max) on the character will it automatically create skeleton mesh ??

Here is how you add you character to the bp: :slight_smile:

No, you create the mesh and then you will have to rigg it -> search for 3ds max rigging/skeletal mesh

Ok, thanks.

Last thing, what is the approximate size of the character, am using around length 9.5 cm and width 17cm from the image.

Just import the blue guy from the 3rd person template -> then you have a good size :slight_smile: Otherwise 1cm=1uu

You have to open the editor - right click onto the skeletal mesh - export - fbx - import it into 3ds max :slight_smile: