[INFO] Founder skins missing in PrimalGameData_BP_GenericMod, here is how to add them

Just recently a player from my server reported that the founder skins where missing since we started using mods, and that this was the case on all servers he played on using any mods.

Since the mods running on the server are my own i started to look what caused this. I discovered that the PrimalGameData_BP_GenericMod that we all use as a template is simply missing the entries for the founder items.

Here is what you need to add to your mods PrimalGameData to make the founder items appear again:


I would advise all modders to add this to their mods so people have their founder items again.

On a side note: this could potentially also be used to give a player items when they spawn without editing the playerpawns inventory component! I haven’t tried this but it should work.

Yup. That is true. Can be used as a starter kit for new players.

Either we use the ADK for that or the rumoured-Oxide plugins.

Instead of using the PrimalGameData from the generic mod, I would highly recommend that you grab the PrimalGameData and TestGameMode from “Game\PrimalEarth\CoreBlueprints”. Once you find them, make a child of them in your mod folder. Then, whenever there is a new update, you will know where to go to make sure that your PrimalGameData is a mirror to theirs (in the areas you want it to be)