InFlux UE4 Sample Game Thing

So a while ago we made this UE3 game InFlux (, and just recently I’ve been porting levels from it to UE4 for kicks. I threw together a sample game thing I was thinking about putting on the marketplace. Here’s a video of it. What do we think?

Videos of the individual environments:



Pretty awesome use of particles.

Great work, i could see it being addictive.

Wow! this looks fantastic JoeWintergreen! I would love to give this a playthrough is you decide to place this on the Marketplace. I really like the layout of the levels and the Particles effects used throughout the levels. Keep up the great work and be sure to keep us updated as you progress in transferring into UE4!

Nice beach level.

btw is the sand reflecting the sphere?

This is on the Marketplace now as an example game.