InfinityPBR - Massively Customizable Characters & Environments!

Hey all! I’ve been developing characters (And some environment work) for almost 2 years now, and have just had the first approved for the Marketplace: Mushroom Monster Pack PBR in Characters - UE Marketplace

You can find all of my current stuff at

My goal is to provide high quality PBR characters with realistic animations and MASSIVE Customization. All textures are 100% customizable so you can create your own unique looks. Characters come with non-animated blend shapes for Mesh Morphing, so you can change the physical mesh of the character.

I also provide Sound Effects & Music, all layered with the intent that you can customize even those. Finally, I include Concept Art (3 ultra high res images per character), in Photoshop and PNG format. The photoshop file is, whenever possible, layered as well so you can modify each layer and even turn on/off body parts, wardrobe & more.

I plan on adding most of my stuff to the Marketplace as almost all will work without any issue already. A couple packages (the “RPG Barbarian Pack”) may require some additional work on my part, as I set them up slightly differently and they require a script in Unity to re-target the skeleton.

Anyway, let me know what you think, and let me know if you have any questions!

Some of the stuff on your site looks amazing man. Definitely a big fan of the mimics, giant worms, bone dragon, and the plant monster! Good luck in joining the marketplace :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’ll be attempting to add a new package every release if possible. I may miss the next one though. Although everything I have (or almost everything) already works with Unreal, the only difference is that the versions you buy from Unreal have the models/animations set up already.

You can find more info about the differences here:

I own your dragon pack for Unity and spent some time converting it, but it’s not quite done sadly, and is now an old version to boot. Separating the meshes into individual FBXs was taking the bulk of the time on it.

Awesome to see you guys are starting to port your packs - I’d love to grab the demons and devils packs for UE4.

There’s a lot I need to learn about Unreal still. Right now I’m basically waiting for the individual animation .fbx files for each character, since that’s one requirement opposed to the way Unity does it. Is that what you meant by separating the meshes into individual FBXs?

You can always get the latest version by going to – there’s an auto registration for Unity, not currently one for Unreal.

I actually meant the mesh pieces of the dragon itself, e.g., the variations for head, tail, frills etc. I had to separate them out into their own FBX files, unless there’s a way to hide/show pieces in the engine I’m not aware of.

Technically for animation you can import it as one long take and then clip it in the engine, but it’s the same amount of work (that’s what I did, I think I have all the anims in separate files if you want them btw).

Aye :slight_smile: I just meant that the work I’ve already done separating the meshes out into individual FBXs would need to be re-done for the new versions.

Glad to see you’re bringing your work to Unreal! Huge fan of what you’ve been doing, and I think the Gargoyle / Demon packs you’ve got are pretty amazing. I haven’t begun moving the Demons over to Unreal just yet, but the work is fantastic, and the blendshapes you have included make the package so much more worthwhile than other assets I’ve purchased. Can’t wait to see more!

Sounds good, modular packs are the ones that sell more. I requested something similar to the PBR characters you are trying to bring to unreal. Maybe it will open your eyes and bring something we currently don’t have in the marketplace.

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