Infinity Voxel World

It’s a masterpiece!!! Those who say it’s just a clone, but this game can go your way!!!It may even be the best minecraft, the one who writes in the comments that the game is “so-so”, then You don’t understand just how amazing it is (or just not played the updated version, if you’re reading this, I beg you not to leave the game and not listening to anyone.If you started this case and further, you can’t completely copy minecraft, you can do something else, to add something of their own, but you can change everything in the game (not perestarasya), just don’t drop the project and make it better.I have everything!

You need to learn how to internet.

Links? Screenshots? Actual details? Otherwise you sound like a crazy person, standing on the corner screaming about lizard people and the high price of pistachio nuts.