Infinity Sign Animation with Script?


i want to animate a scene component so it makes an infinity sign with script. Does someone know how i can do that?

Infinity Sign Example (scene component would be the bright dot):

With a spline. Both the spline and object are part of a BP, and you can move the component along the spline using a timeline and a ‘get location at distance along spline’ node.

I have an example I did here:

( you can drag the spline into any shapre you want, including the infinity shape )

Can’t you do it simply with SIN and COS nodes?

Go ahead… :slight_smile:

No - I meant can’t YOU do it … ? :smiley: My math is also a little bit … ■■■■■…

x = cos(t);
y = sin(2*t) / 2;
with “t” being Time should do the trick.

So is mine :slight_smile:

And why bother when you can just draw it…

I think if I did do it with math, I would only use one of sin/cos, and just do 1- x on the way back :slight_smile:

Could you do a screenshot what it looks like with math (sin,cos)? Cause somehow when i try it ue4 would crash :frowning:

This is an example of the math-approach suggested above. [EDIT] You can change the speed of the animation by multiplying delta seconds with another float.

Rotating the actor rotates the animation. “Amplifier” increases the overall size of the animation.

And here the same thing as a Material

Thank you very much, its working great!