Infinity Content: Talk to Me Like I Am Totally New, Add Ice Cove to Empty Project

Hi, too many of the responses assume knowledge a newbie doesn’t have or refers to menu options that don’t exist. I want to create a project that will run on iPhone from scratch. Please tell me each and every exact step needed if:

#1 Assume UnrealEngine v4.9.1

#2 Assume Infinity Blade Content Packs available

#3 Assume empty project created by UE4Editor -> New Project -> Third Person (or appropriate other type)

#4 Settings Mobile Tablet+Maximum Quality+No Starter Content (if appropriate)

Please describe how to add “Infinity Blade Ice Lands” step by step so that a level is available and will compile to run on iPhone or iPad. (I’ve tried add to project, but there appears to be other steps required to set starter level in a compiled game playable)

Please describe how to add a character or camera or both if the step above doesn’t do that.

Do that and you will make life a lot less stressful for quite a few people.


  1. Quit the Editor after creating the template.
  2. Open the Launcher.
  3. Select “Library” in the Launcher.
  4. Click “Add to Project” on the ice content
  5. Select the project you just created in 1)
  6. Wait
  7. Open the project again in the editor.
  8. Select “Settings -> Project Settings” in the toolbar at top.
  9. Select “Maps and Modes” on the left.
  10. Click the popup for “Game Default Map” and select the map you want.

Note: the content may only come with “overview/demo” levels, rather than fully playable levels.
It’s up to you to make a fully playable level for the kind of gameplay you want :slight_smile:

Template? My assumptions started with an empty project. Could you start again from the very, very beginning. What I want to get to is the Ice Cove, with a character standing on it or a third person camera. Either is fine.

You said you had already created the template, here:

My instructions take over right after your “assumed steps” end.

You may also want to add the following if you want to play-in-editor, rather than build-and-play:

  1. Load the same level you selected in 10 by double-clicking it in the content browser
  2. press “play”

I’ll give it a try from that point.

But I used ‘New Project’ from the Browser, now if that creates a template then okay but that’s not what the tab says. As I said, please assume I don’t know anything. Start from turn computer on if need be and that I have Unreal 4.9.1 installed and nothing else. How do get from an empty project or template to an Infinity Blade Level that will deploy to the iPhone. I am an iPhone developer, I have the certificates and have deployed apps to it before.

>8) Select “Settings -> Project Settings” in the toolbar at top.
>9) Select “Maps and Modes” on the left.
>10) Click the popup for “Game Default Map” and select the map you want.

Those are the missing pieces. Appreciate the help.

To the folks at Epic, you might modify the launcher so you have the option to either add to a project or create a new project from the assets.

Ah, words :slight_smile: Yes, “New Project” is based on one of a variety of “template projects.”
Why would you know those are “template projects.” Well… that’s what “template” means, I guess?
Kind of like “what is a texture” or “what is a mesh” – the kinds of words that most game developers take for granted!
Glad you got it working.

Epic actually can release their content packs (that you download from Vault) in two ways: As “Add to Project” or as “Create new project.”
I actually don’t like the “create new project” option because 99.9% of the time, what I want to do is download something I want to use in a project I already have.

Victory! It’s always something simple, once you know what you’re doing.

Where exactly does it say Template?

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 2.12.37 PM.png

Click on the “new project” tab and then you can see the different templates :slight_smile: