Infinity Blade: Sounds?

According to Epic’s email, “Infinity Blade: Sounds” should be available in the Marketplace, but they aren’t. Is there an ETA as to when they’ll be uploaded?

Theyre in the marketplace… look in all the catagories, make sure you restart the epic games launcher.

Hope this helps
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Sorry, but I’ve gone to the marketplace both through the Epic Games Launcher and directly on the web, plus I’ve tried on multiple devices … All of the other Infinity Blade asset packs are there, but “SOUNDS” doesn’t show up anywhere. If you’ve actually found it can you give a web address?

We mistakenly included sound assets that Epic does not have the rights to distribute in the ‘Infinity Blade: Sounds’ pack. We’ve removed the pack from Marketplace as we investigate. We hope to update the content and make it available again. We are terribly sorry about this and apologize for any inconvenience it causes.

Well thats not good. I had downloaded the pack the day it was released and I’ve been busy building a game around it. I’ve already integrated many of the footstep and other sfx from the pack into events from my game.

Is there any ETA on when Epic will update the pack or even if a pack will be provided? I need to know so I can remove some sounds or stop entirely. This is real setback for me. Please update us quickly if anything at all can be kept from that pack.

Any updates on this? Infinity Blade: Sounds are still missing in the marketplace.

Same question: Any updates?

Hi everyone,

We will not be releasing the Infinity Blades: Sounds pack in the foreseeable future due to contract restrictions.

Hi , many thanks for the update.

Actor’s voices must have been involved, invoking the whole other class of copywrights.