Infinity blade Packs

I have a question, i have been using UE4 for some time for my project, i have purchased a number of packs from the marketplace. But i want to know if i can also use the Free packs that you offer. The Infinity Blade packs for example ,are they not already used in a game? And if so is it legal for me to use some of the assets from those packs in my project. Please note that i intend to eventyally sell the Game i am making using UE4, and i do not want ot violate any of the terms and conditions. Can these assets be used in a Game that will be sold or are they just for testing purposes?

Thank you.

Yes absolutely. Any content is available for use on the marketplace free or for purchase can be used in your game. The only restriction is you must use unreal as your game engine.

Awesome, casuse the infinity packs will save me a looooot of work. Thank you for the answer.

EyeDee10Tee is correct.