Infinity Blade assets (rocks) have no collisions with player :/

I placed a few rocks on my level, scaled them non-uniformly, rebuilt level (geometry and lighting) and yet player can walk through the rocks :frowning:

I can see there is collision primitive when inspecting rock mesh in the Static Mesh Editor, but collisions aren’t working.

Any ideas what’s going on ?


Hit ALT+C in the viewport to see collisions, just to make sure they’re actually there.

If they are there in the level, it is prob the collision channel that the rocks/player capsule is set to. I would look at that, it will prob solve your problem.

Thanks, will check it out.

Alright, solve the issue. My player spawns on one place, then it’s being teleported to the desert. For whatever reason teleport destination point was high above the ground. When player got there, it didn’t drop down to the ground for unknown reason. So when I would “walk”, I’d walk in the air above my rocks (I don’t know how I didn’t notice that view is is unusually higher above the ground :o ). Surprisingly player would follow terrain’s curvature while “walking” in the air!

Moving teleport destination down to the ground “fixed” it - player walk on the ground and collides with rocks.