Infinity Blade Animations teleporting back?

I downloaded the Infinity-Blade-adversaries pack, and was looking around.

why are most of the Animations “jumping” back to the starting point, if they dont need to?

For example: “Greater Spider” plays the Animation without moving forwards - everything working as intended.
And the “Gruntling” plays the animation, but drifts forward while doing that, and then teleports back to the initial location.

What is this, and how do i disable it? ( i can not use it like that)
I have no idea how to use an Animation that teleports around. (also looks weird)

**EDIT: **Found it… but isn’t the Description wrong?
If i Tick “Enable Root Motion” it Stops moving around, because it is enabled?
If Root motion is disabled, it moves around again…

I think this should be switched… if i enable the movement, it should start, not stop.