Infinite Stats not infinite?


I want to make my player character pawn invincible, so it can’t die under any circumstances. In the PlayerCharacterStatus there is a boolean called: Infinite Stats. I assume if you check this teh player can’t die. I tested it and it worked for all dino’s except the bosses (I tried Alpha Rex, Dragon, DodoRex an KingKong).

Why can the bosses kill a player with infinite stats? Is there another way to make the player invincible?

Thanks in advance!

Infinite stats only works up to the limit of the max stat. If a dino can do more dmg than you have health, infinite stats wont help you. Same goes for falling. If you fall from high enough that it will do more dmg than you have health, you will die.
The real question is, why not just use cheat god in combination with cheat infinitestats no mod required.

I would assume it’s for personal use, and he’d be doing it from spawn.

But at any rate, there is most likely a boolean for God as well or something in there. But yes, infinite stats is mainly there to stop things like stamina, food and water from decreasing. God mode will make one truly invincible.


Thank you. In my mod Play As Dino the dino pawn is automatically possessed, so no riding player. But I still want that the other players arent able to kill the player pawn.

You say the infinite stats will be raised to the max stats, isnt it possible then to raise the default health to higher than the damage of the bosses?

I already searched for a god mode boolean, I searched for ‘god’ but no results. So it must under a different name, but havent found it yet?

This all depends on how high level the bosses are that you are spawning.

If you have 1,000,000,000 health, and have infinitestats, good luck dying.