Infinite Runner Sample?


Just wondering anyone got some idea where to start with making Infinite runner with UE4? Do I just loop blueprints randomly with a script or how would a game like Subway Surfer be made?

Look at this thread, you can find infinite runner example game here Basic Infinite/Runner Example game in Blueprints - Work in Progress - Unreal Engine Forums


The sample does not run in latest UE 4.3.+. And also it does not generate content, it just moves it, there is some random generation with Static Mesh sockets that doesn’t seam to work with latest versions. This would create an incredible boring game and repetitive content, so hoping for better implementations, keep a complete game in memory to move it, is just not the way.

repetitive static mesh will be boring and it would be better in this case to use instanced meshes but repetitive blueprints enoughly random creative can be funny. (i did some square rooms with doors which was fun to run but not worked enough on it. Maybe i would…