Infinite ocean shader + download

Hey i just watched live stream with water examples witch inspired me to upload my old shader that can fill entire game space at once and move with player thanks to vertex shader transformations

how it works

  1. place included mesh in center of level keep x and y =0 you might change z to adjust water height
  2. apply material instance if necessary
  3. in object details panels set bounds scale to something big like 9999999999999999999999 :smiley:
    so water will be still visible even when original bounds would get out of view
  4. tweak values and modify shader to your needs
  5. might want to switch to movable and disable shadows and collision


Looks pretty neat! Great job!
That could fit for my level which I work on.
Can I use it in commercial project?

Sure, fell free to use it however you want

Nice thanks man, i check it out. Video is Nice. With water shaders in The content examples, its good list to play with.

Nice work!
Have you had problems with reflections in the water from the Sky Sphere?

thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Looks good, will def have to throw this in my prototype once i find some sword anims.

Keep up the good work o/

no, just remember to use sky light witch will give good source for reflection

cant put the shader in ue4 it is a uasset and wont import properly HELP PLS!

Move it to the project folder while the engine is closed.

“missing input rtexture”