infinite ocean plane system

I do a lot of projects related to offshore work. So as much as I would love using UE4 for my work I have been forced to use CryEngine because it has an infinite ocean plane that is drop in and go. I have seen several people trying to produce systems with UE for but none are practical replacements. All are very heavy and/or lacking most of the features of the CE system. I’m not looking for dynamic interactivity. mainly just the following

believable ocean water that extends to the horizon.

crates foam around objects penetrating the plane

realistic controllable depth fading

volume fog and refraction effects when camera goes below the surface. Though the “visual water effect should be replaceable” As some time It needs to be clear as if you are a diver or ROV.

right now these features are the only reason that I’m forced to use CryEngine for my work project and UE4 for my personal stuff it would be great if I could use UE4 for everything.

Please it would be great if a system like this could be added to the engine.