Infinite Modular World War 2 Bunkers - Dig In!

Hello everyone. We’re developing a World War 2 modular bunkers pack for the Marketplace. These are more or less going to let you create bunkers as big or small as you ever could have dreamed. We’re basing the general shapes of the bunkers around those found on Omaha Beach in Normandy and are going to do our best so you can combine the pieces to make whatever variations of bunkers you want. More information to come soon!

Sounds cool, but it doesn’t look like your roof and walls are (currently) using the same sized grid spacing…

I’ve modelled and coded a moderately functional modular building system and experienced first hand how much grief that can cause, so be careful with that…

(Just a friendly warning from one modular person to another :wink: )

Thank you for the heads up. We appreciate it.

Texturing Test!

I like this so far :slight_smile:

Will you be doing things such as Tank Traps and Sandbags for this pack?

Just curious :slight_smile:

Fixed the bunkers modularity and sculpted the pieces last night. Took a while to get it looking good because you can’t actually sculpt to the edges of the geo otherwise you’ll lose the tileable effect.

Added Definition To Mesh

This is a cool idea, and will be really helpful! Looking forward to watching this develop.