Infinite Looping Race Track

Hello !

We’re actually working on a VR project,

A Sci-Fi Space Race…

The track is a vertical loop, a very big loop…

We’re wandering how to create a correction BP player because the rotation center is at the center of the track…

The rotation is infinite too, the player can move in its local space describe as the grey box.
And we need the player to collide obstacles in order to make him slower (slowering, slidding or stopping the rotation rate)

We’ve tried to use a spline guide to follow, but the player flips when it reaches 90 or -90°
That’s why we choosed to controlling the rotation at the pivot center. (may be it’s not a good idea)

Does anybody have an idea how to achieve this?
Is there an easier way to do this?

(I’ve got to mention that we don’t use gravity)

Many thanks

You need to give your actor that on collision something will happen. I am a noob at UE4 and I use C++ for my pawn so I do not know what widgets you need to use.

can you post a screenshot of the blueprint controlling your rotation along the spline?