Infinite Loop

Ive made a blueprint to move 2 objects by use of a timer. I’ve got the first of the 2 working, but I cant seem to figure out why I keep generating infinite loops.

This is the first situation, with the first door neatly sliding to the left and right. As you can see this runs fine.

Now when I try to add the second door:
It will actually give me an infinite loop error on a different blueprint, namely BP_Sky_Sphere.

Hope someone can point out to me what I’m doing wrong.
Thanks in advance.

That is weird indeed. It makes no sense that it should be doing that just by adding in a 4th sequense.
I suspect its the timeline opendoor. what happens if you just add a print after the Get World Location for Door2.

This makes me raise another question.
You seem to do lerp on the door from pos a to pos b.
Why do you not create two real animations instead: opendoors and closedoors instead of a scripted variant?

Well as my world is procedurally changing, I want the door to be open or closed at specific locations and times. Instead of animation I figured this was easier.

I did however fix my problem, I do not know why this was occuring though, so maybe someone can shed some light on it.

The script shown here is in the Level Blueprint, it used a sequence after the Event Tick to split between ark’s weather system and this system.
When I removed this sequence link to the weather system everything was fixed as well. I decided to rebuild the system as a standalone blueprint and put that in my level.
This has actually fixed it.

My hypothesis is that the weather system was already pushing the limits of what it could do per frame. Im not really that used to Unreal yet so its confusing for me. Hope someone can give me a definitive answer.