Infinite loop problem with moving ai character

Hi, I’ve got a problem. I’m trying to set up a basic ai character that follows a path along a string of nodes. The ai is set up as a character right now, so I can use all of it’s movement components. The ai moves to the first node just fine, but when it goes to look for the second node once it reaches the first one, it crashes. I believe because it gets stuck in an infinite loop somewhere, but I’m not really sure where. Here’s my blueprints for this guy, I use a couple enums as states for the ai character and for the nodes because some will have the ai character complete different tasks. Right now I’m just trying to set up basic moving along the list of nodes. The first image is what happens in the event graph of the ai character. The second is the macro for CompareDistance. The last is the FindNode function. Thanks for any help!

Ok, so it has nothing to do with my blueprints, it’s a crash involved with the navigation mesh. Here’s a link to the bug report:
link text