Infinite Loop on Epic Games Luncher (iMac)

The client I am using:
iMac, at the latest update (macOS High Sierra Version 10.13.4)

My issue:
Greetings, I factory reset my Mac to grant more access and space from my hard drive and to delete any corrupted files. I decided to download Epic Games to play Fortnite. Now the first time I did it worked (before I factory reset), but now when I install it I did what it asked me to do. I dragged it into the applications folder and I decided to put it on my desktop on the home screen. I clicked on it and it was updating then it says ‘‘Verifying Update’’ When it finished it says ‘‘Verifying Update’’ over and over again. When i force quit it gives me a crash report with nothing in it. I tried re-installing it and remove any epic games folder from my mac to check for any corruption; It still goes in a loop. Any similar problems? Any solutions? Much appreciated


I solved a solution to it. Instead of opening the Epic Games Launcher on the desktop, I opened it in the Applications folder and it completely works! If anyone else has this solution be sure to check that out since it worked for me!

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You just have to force quit the application and open “Finder” then “Applications” then right click on “unreal engine” and select “open” it will open.