Infinite Loop help

I’m getting an infinite loop here and have no idea idea whats wrong with it, any help would be much appreciated.

What’s calling this?

Currently it’s a test item of an herb, it seems to only happen when it hits the max stack though which is quite odd

There seems to nothing wrong with what’s shown. The issue is probably elsewhere. Perhaps in the macro or with the method calling this.

When I asked, I was hoping for some juicy details. Maybe there’s an incorrectly handled while loop or something recursive, or even an oddly redirected wire. If you do not disclose more details, all you’ll get is folks blind guessing. Consider it.

Found the issue, turns out i didn’t hook a bool up to a branch but now i have a different problem in the fact that now it doesn’t display the items though it does add them since the herb actor is destroyed
Bool Not hooked up:

Bool Hooked Up:

Related code:

Just gonna repeat everything and see if it was user error :sweat_smile: