Infinite Loop Handling

Common gripe, sometimes you do something that results in an infinite loop. It would be really nice if the editor ALWAYS handled this well, instead of frequently crashing or eating up tons of memory and crashing.

The Editor doesn’t crash. The game just “crashes”. An Infinite Loop is what it is called: A loop there is no escape from. How do you want to handle it “well”?
THe game shuts down and you get an Stack Trace where the Loop occurs so I think this is the best you can have.

Surely there is a way to detect the loop early to prevent the game from crashing.

Agree. UDK-Kismet managed it pretty well!

My gripe is when the PIE window doesn’t just close and instead eats up 10 GB of ram until I quit the application.

Exactly this. Infinite loop is set for a numeric ceiling. It should close the PIE window instead of crashing the entire application