Infinite Loop Detected

Hey everyone! I’m pretty new to UE4.
So my project is a Third Person Shooter. I had, before, a set of variables being called to let the player “free look” while holding the Left Alt key, and it worked locally (1Player).
I rearranged it so it can be called by Server and Clients, but as soon as I press Left Alt on the Client the preview crashes and I get this:

This are the places where it is being called:

I appriciate all the help I can get. Thanks!

In start free look it goes to switch has authority and remote goes to server start free look and that calls start free look which reruns it and goes to switch has authority and remote calls process all over again. Thats the problem for the loop.

Yeah, that actually fix is it, but the problem is that, when holding Left Alt on server preview I can get it to work properly, which means while FreeLooking, Character can’t ADS, and that works on 1 instance, as soon as I start a multiplayer instance, the client rotates on the server screen when holding alt, which shouldn’t happen, and is also able to AimDownSights while FreeLooking, which I don’t want.

Edit1: I actually fixed it and left it as ptjackson suggested. Now there are no errors, but this is what I was trying to fix:
This is how I have both functions now:

This is the Server FreeLooking:

This is the Client FreeLooking:

Bumping thread, still seeking help.