Infinite Loop At Less Than 500 Iterations

I made a building system similar to Fortnite and when I destroy the bottom part of a structure with more than ~500 parts, I get an infinite loop error. The way I set up the destruction system is by calling functions and referencing variables on all connected structures but this is less than 500 iterations of the loop. I went into the project settings and tried increasing the max loop iterations to 100 million and that didn’t make a difference. and I tried lowering it to 10,000 and I got an infinite loop error at around the same point. Are there other parameters that the infinite loop detection is based on besides iterations and is there a way to fix this?

Post your blueprint, please

Don’t do it in loop then, insted do it in sequence and with timers which allow farther destruction happen in more then just 1 frame, i bet fortnite whatever i does use timers for it’s sequential destruction

If you would do it in loop you would have potential frame freeze on destruction of huge strictures, remember that your code regardless if it’s C++ or blueprint executes between frame renders, the longer you code executes the longer engine waits to render the frame, rether engine is being busy running your blueprint code. In case of C++ the code is part of the engine, so engine is not even executed but your code, loops in there will freeze entire engine