Infinite Knives & Blades - Knife goes in. Guts come out.


**Knives & Blades as a service. **

The ultimate pack to meet ALL your edged weapon needs. Infinite Knives & Blades is a weapons pack that contains twelve starter weapons.

EVERY MONTH a new knife or blade will be added to the the Infinite Knives & Blades pack. With every new weapon added the price of the pack will increase by $5.00. The sooner you buy, the more value you will get out of it. This pack is meant to be an extension of the needs of the Unreal Engine community. The most popular community requests will be entertained and added into the pack every month. Use the Infinite Knives & Blades to jump start the weapon selection for your game project with all varieties of blades.

All new weapons will be submitted to Epic as soon as they are finished. More information to come soon!


Had a hard time spotting your thread, as all the migrated threads lost their [marketplace] tag. Knife looks good, though.

Thanks man. Next up is a butterfly knife.

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Is thinner better?

Is this thread title really necessary?

I believe it’s a reference to one of the better episodes of The Simpsons:

will guts be included in the package?

Some would say that’s a major failure :wink:

(Guts not included. :P)

So its more like, knife goes in (error object not found) come out.
PS: good work, looking really good!

cheapmodeler how you doing bro? its looking really good

Interesting distribution idea and something that solves the problem I came across when wanting to do a community focused project which included releasing free asset packs on the UE4 Marketplace and supporting the development of those packs through indirect means e.g. training sessions, asset pack behind the scenes breakdowns, source asset files for various applications used to create the assets, etc.

We are currently considering taking a similar approach to yours, where we would release the asset packs at a low price point and either increase the price over time or release more small packs for $4.99 to $9.99 while still adhering to Epic Games policies asset count wise.

Either that or we go down the long road of developing our own distribution & financing platform (heavily considering)

You can find out more about this project here: **[Free Marketplace Assets] A Patreon page funded approach](

**If you’re interested in such a community project as I’ve linked above and may be interested in collaborating than feel free to shoot me a PM.

Are you a CS:GO player by any chance? :smiley: