infinit curved floor

Hi there,

for our studies we have to create an infinity runner. There are several tutorials on the internet that we use as our base, because we are totally new on the Unreal Engine 4 and the concept of blueprints.
So we have a little astronaut, who runs away from a black hole and collects several pickups. On his way he has to get out of the way of rocks and other obstacles.
Because he runs around a planet, we need a curved floor that is infinit and the obstacles placed correctly at it.

What is the correct, or simple way to realize this setting?

Thank you very much!

I would actually just make an infinite rectangular level, and then warp the render in the shader.

There are a ton of resources on each half, so you should be able to find a fair amount of reference material on either.

so we proceede through the tutorials and after we’ll set up a custom shader?
Do you have any helpful links or keywords to search for?


I don’t have any links off the top of my head, but just search these forums. I’ve seen at least two curved world shaders.

Tappy Chicken is an Infinite “runner” have you checked the example?

Maybe level streaming is an option. like zone1, zone2 … zone1 just harder… zone2 just harder…