Infiltrator pack refusing to cancel file opening process

Once again UDK has managed to crash my computer, this time by refusing to close out of infiltrator demo after I opened it.

It got stuck on 95% for like, 20 minutes, so I closed out of UDK entirely to try and get it to stop.

I closed and reopened UDK 3 times, each time trying to open demo, finally, after another 20 minutes, after giving up on it entirely, and closing out 3 times, all three open up simultaneously! Boy oh boy my computer really loved processing over 70k shaders at once, so much so it stopped functioning! So it could bath in my tears in peace.

Just thought I would let staff know!


Infiltrator demo is a large project, and it can take a long time to load up first time, depending on your system. If you attach your dxdiag we can confirm this, but it isn’t a bug in UE4.

Why would it continue to try and load project after launcher has been closed? I even closed out of tab that opens up and gives you % completed.This is considered a normal function? Why?

Starting project is a process independent of Launcher. Once that process has been started, interrupting it is dangerous and takes a long time as well, and it’s possible you are catching it too late to stop it at that point. If you close editor window showing you progress mid-process, you’ll need to open your Task Manager and cancel it in Processes tab.