Infiltrator is broken

I downloaded the Infiltrator project under the learn tab on the Epic games launcher, and every time I tried to open it, first in 4.10 it stops at 95% and the memory spikes up to 2000mb+ in task manager. It doesn’t matter what version of UE4 i’m using, 4.10, 4.9, 4.11 it does it on all of them at 95%.

All of those high-end projects take a looooooong time to load. I gave up loading the kite demo and that one :stuck_out_tongue: Until a new PC build anyways

This is normal since the Derived Data Cache needs to be written.

You can read more information about this in our documentation here:

thank you for the information

Mine gets to 95%, waits for a while, then crashes with an unknown error :frowning:
I downloaded it with UE4 4.10if that is cause of the issue maybe…?
I wanted to look at how some of the effects are done, in particular the invisibility shield, but unfortunately can’t give it a shot.

CPU: i7 6700k (stock speed)
RAM: 16gb
Storage: 1TB Samsung Pro 850 with about 700gb free
GPU: GTX 680 4gb