Infiltrator demo wont run need help please

Hello i wanted to test the infiltrator demo on my system to see how well it worked on my rig i click create project but it never runs am i not doing it correctly i have the latest engine installed by the way My system specs are

Ryzen 5 1600 @3.5 ghz
Asus b350 prime plus
16 gig of corsair vengance @3000 mhz
3 seagate baracuda 2 tb hard drives
1 samsung evo 960 m.2 250gig
1 rtx 2080
BFG 1000 watt psu
monitor is an LG 43UJ6300 4k hdtv
all software is fully up to date including windows updates

any help i would greatly appreciate thank you

Are you waiting long enough? The project takes a while to open.