Infiltrator Demo Migration

I wanted to use some assets for the background on a level I’m working on, but when I migrated the Infiltrator Demo into my project, the static meshes don’t have anything for materials or textures, just the generic checkered pattern. Also when I try to click on any materials it goes into the same checked pattern. Any ideas on how to fix this. I’m working in 4.9.2.

Hello bootstrotter,

If you double click on your materials you will notice error messages under your texture samples. This is due to the migration. What happens is you have changed the file path from what it was in the demo to that of your project. You will have to manually re assign all of your textures to where they need to go.

I have the same problem. I too migrate the assets WITHOUT changing the file directory and all textures are missing! An also, node aren’t linked together in various materials. The expressions are there but all related info is just… lost?!