Infiltrator Demo finally opened for me after always getting stuck at 95%, I just deleted some stuff

I deleted the maps folder and some other folder, then boom it opened up.

If you wanted the demo that sucks, but if you just want to migrate assets, there ya go.

Some times you have to wait a verrrryyyyyy long time for all of the files, shaders, and such to compile. Trying to recall from memory Infiltrator as well as the Kite demo took about a half hour to initialize on my rig with a few ponies behind it the first time. After that up it pops.

It really depends on your system specs. I can open every demo just fine, so it is not a broken demo or anything.

Unfortunately mine just crashes whenever it reaches 95%, so this was the best I could do.

I have 16 gigs of DDR4 at over 2k Mhz, with a 5820K, an X99 motherboard and 2 R9 290X’s

If that cant do it I dunno what to say, I have 32gigs of DDR4 but I need a new OS to unlock it all