This is what i got.


Anybody else got this? I just cloned my project while editor was on and this came up. I do not surf much on websites, so guess this is false positive?

I have found that Avast is pretty bad for certain programs, back in uni it thought 3ds max program files were viruses and deleted them… (using a student license). Then I couldn’t install it again.

Yeah, this is my first time in 5 years of Avast that something like this happens.


Just scanned those things again and nothing found.

you could send it to avast as a false positive or something, maybe they can stop it happening in the future.

Done. Seems like i had to destroy those .exe files from those two locations in order to successfully clone the project.

In a software environment where you’re creating EXE’s and DLL’s routinely, its easy to get false readings, even just for installers. Some of the retail AV’s use very blunt virus signature detection, comparing EXE byte strings to known virus databases as part of the scan.

Be more alarmed if key windows components start to show issues, and avoid the usual suspects that can get you hit like Flash & Java etc.

Good advice. Apparently problems started today with new virus definitions. Yesterday everything worked just fine.

When I have the option, I always try to put my build output directories in the ignore list for my AV.

Unfortunately at my current employer, I can’t add anything to the ignore list. :frowning:

That was false positive. If in doubt check file on virustotal page. And if its detected only by few (like 4-5) engines do not worry, but if it has about 50% or more its probably malware.

There were false positives on epic compiled files in past, they try to avoid those fps. So if you still have those detected files you should create topic in feedback forum here and give them files. This fp may be detected just because the way they are packed.